Pet Umbrella

“The Pet Umbrella keeps your pet dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow.” I can’t believe this doesn’t come with a rain hat and boots. What if poor poochie steps in a puddle?

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Outward Hound Auto Window Bumper

The Auto Window Bumper is a headrest cushion for dogs. Simply adjust the window to the desired height and slide on to the top of the window. Metal clips inside the pad holds the bumper to the window. Made with a nylon Cordura for durability.

Source: Amazon

The Dog Powered Scooter

The Dog Powered Scooter is a wonderful tool to help you focus your dogs energy, and to enjoy the new sport of Urban Dog Mushing. You can easily steer the dog, and all the dog needs to do is go forward. Initial resistance to get the scooter going is the only real strain …

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Hanging Fishbowl

Aesthetically pleasing fishbowl that hangs on the wall, saves counter space and adds a decorative element to your wall. Size: 11Hx11Lx4.5W

Source: PetGadgets

Snackshotz – Dog Treat Delivery System

Snackshotz is a dog treat delivery system.. umf I mean it fires doggie biscuits. The idea is to load up the refillable launcher with dog treats and fire them around. Your four-legged friend will then run, jump, catch and chase after the flying treats.


Pet Critter Operated Chopper

This is definitely the coolest pet powered exercise toy for hamsters and gerbils. It motorcycle features an adjustable operating wheel that uses real rodent power to maneuver this MC on any flat surface as the pet exercises in the wheel. Price is $19,99. Source: Petco

Toilet Bowl Looking Refilling Dog Bowl

This automaticly refilling water bowl always keeps the bowl full of fresh water. Simply fill a 2 liter plastic bottle with water, place it in the tank and let gravity do the rest. Btw did you notice it looks just like a toilet bowl.

Source: Collections Etc.

Pet phone

Pet Phone is a container of pet food that can be operated through your cell phone. When you want to feed your dog or cat while you’re away, you just push a couple of buttons on your cell and your Pet Phone will drop the necessary amount of food on the pet’s plate. …

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Fish 'n Flush

Fish ‘n Flush is a two-piece aquarium toilet tank. Fish ‘n Flush fits most two-piece toilets and turns the bathroom into the center of attention with its unique design of an aquarium that wraps itself around a clear inner tank. The aquarium has a 2.2-gallon capacity so smaller fish are obviously recommended.

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