2yr Old Break Breakdancer

This kid is cool!

Dice Stacking Video

Some people really have a little bit too much free time.

Roller-Coaster Shopping in China

Man, this idea is stupid.. I mean it might be kinda fun for a one time, but that’s it.

Subway Ad in Japan

Damn this is cool. Basicly this is what you see when you look thru the subway window. Would be nice to know how many posters is needed to do this.

Awesome Folding Chair

Apple iPhone Commercial

Damn I didn’t know that iPhone is so much more than just a phone. Check out some of its additional functions.

Monkey vs Firefighter

This video made me giggle like a little school girl. PS I’m not a little girl.

101 Imitations in 4 Minutes!

Now this guy has some serious talent 🙂

SeaPhantom – a Boat From The Future

Imagine traveling at 100 mph without bone jarring wave impacts. Using a fraction of the horsepower of today’s so called fast boats. Speed nearly as fast as a helicopter but as cheap to operate as an offshore powerboat. SeaPhantom flies just above the wave crests, on proprietary shock dampened ‘foils’. A lifting-body airfoil …

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Amazing 11 Year Old Singer

I just had to post this. This 11yr girl is frikkin’ amazing!