TiFinity – Coolest Toothbrush Ever!

Are you constantly looking for the right tools to ensure proper care of your teeth? If yes, you may want to try TiFinity. TiFinity is promised to last more than 10 times the life span of other toothbrushes. This is due to the amazing properties of the bristles which are made of titanium alloy. These super elastic memory filaments of the bristle material constantly rebound instantly during brushing allowing for better penetration of the bristles in to the hard to reach areas between teeth and under gums!

Source: TiFinity Toothbrush

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  • Mike

    This toothbrush just got released. Cleans 15% better then the leading electric brush by sonicare, same abrasivness as nylon bristles, yet it cost only 1/4 the price. $25. Plus nylon bristles loose 10% in performance per month. So after 3 months your TiFInity Toothbrush would be 45% better at cleaning.

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