Hillary Nutcracker


“Love her or hate… you’ll have nonstop fun cracking nuts with Hillary. Regardless of your affiliation (Republican or Democrat) you’ve just found your new favorite kitchen tool! Her stainless steel thigh teeth will pulverize any nut that stands in her way to the Whitehouse.”

Source: Perpetual Kid

4 comments to Hillary Nutcracker

  • Rachel

    I am personally offended by the The Hillary Nutcracker and demand that you remove the product from your store. This item is blatantly misogynist and hateful. It is shameful that you depict a smart woman as a threat to masculinity. No male that is secure in his identity is threated by a strong woman, and we should not be encouraging the hate that comes from insecure men. Don’t just remove this for me; remove this for yourself, your children, and your community.

  • Rose

    I totally agree with Rachael’s post on 13 Feb 2008. it seems men and women both are not ready to accept the fact that women are and can be smarter then men

  • ramlamb

    People, lighten up! I bet Hillary has one of these, and she uses it every chance she gets.

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