Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

VIOLight sanitizes your toothbrush and prevents contamination build-up. Even after a thorough rinsing, thousands of germs can remain on your toothbrush, creating the potential for harmful bacteria to grow. In just minutes, VIOLight sanitizes your toothbrush with UV light.

Source: Magellan’s

Celebrity Weighing Scale

Step on and see which celebrity you weigh. You could be anyone from little baby Jesus to King Kong!

Source: Angry Store

UV Meter Bikini

These are world’s first UV Smart Bikinis featuring a smart fabric UV meter with Bright LED display. The UV Index indicates the strength of the UV intensity. The higher the number, the stronger UV intensity, and the shorter the time for damage to your eyes and skin.

Source: Solestrom …

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Kiss Me Meter

Kiss Me Meter is your personal bad breath detector. This gadget detects the specific gases from your teeth or stomach, and shows 5 levels of mouth smell in different colors of LED display. It can also be used as alcohol breath test.

Source: Seju