USB Hub Man

Finally you can switch that ol’ boring USB hub into something nicer. USB Hub Man has USB ports for the arms and legs making it a four port USB hub. The bad part about this little gadget is that only one of the USB ports uses USB 2.0, the other three are USB 1.1.

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USB Finger Dance Mat

“Boredom in the office is something that happens all too often. But now we have the best boredom cure ever – this addictive dance mat will have you competing with your colleagues in every spare moment! Follow the lights on the USB dance mat but beware, it gets trickier as the lights get …

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USB Optical Liquid Mouse

Take a quick break from your hectic work day and just watch how these little fishes or duck swims inside your mouse.

Source: Kleargear

USB Butt Cooler

Sweaty ass can really spoil your work day but luckily there’s a relief now! You just place this USB powered round cushion on your chair and it blows cooling air onto your buttcheeks. This makes a great gift for your co-worker!

Source: Everything USB

Rechargeable USB Shaver

This Rechargeable USB Shaver comes in a lightweight and portable design that keeps the 5 o’clock shadow away at all times. Say goodbye to battery problems by simply plugging it into any available USB port.

Source: Brando

Wireless Optical Mouse with Photo Frame

Behold, we introduce you the most unergonomic mouse in the world… it also have a neat photo frame. Basicly it’s a slim wireless USB mouse with a small protective area for a printed photo.

Source: eNecessities

RIDATA – USB Flash Drive + Hub

RIDATA USB drive -Y designs includes two additional USB ports, which allow users to combine each USB drive into a USB HUB and add on more mobile devices. A tie-style LED indicator shows usage status, assuring there is never any doubt as to which port is currently in use.

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Golf Launchpad – USB Golf Simulator

Golf Launchpad is a cool golf simulator for PC/MAC/PS2. Simply plug Launchpad into your computer or Playstation and you are ready play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Bethpage Black and the other premiere courses in EA Sports TIGER WOODS PGA Tour with incredible realism with your own clubs. You can even compete online! Or …

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USB Hard Disk Looks Just Like a Hard Drive

How cool is this USB 2.0 enclosure for your 2.5″ hard disk. Yes it looks just like a hard drive.


Thumb USB Memory Stick

Having a thumb sticking out of your computer and wathching the reactions of people passing by is a good way to spend a day. It looks very realistic. Shame it’s only 128Mb.