Automatic Door Opens Just Enough

Very cool. If somebody comes up with a practical use for this, leave a comment.

7 comments to Automatic Door Opens Just Enough

  • hahaha.. cool! i guess you can use this if you have a pet, no need to open the whole door or install a special pet door.

  • Zhiwei

    I think the sensors are too insensitive, you would need to walk so close before the door opens

  • mimi

    that totally stinks. first, it’s flimsy and who wants a flimsy door, but second, what is the use of that?

  • lou

    Yeah, a doggie door, add security and a collar with a chip to activate. That would be very cool. I agree with the too insensitive, though … work on that.

  • David

    If they can seal up all the gaps, maybe it could be used as energy conserving tool?

  • Nikki

    Yeah, keep your AC or Heat in – at least u don’t have to touch any yucky door handles 🙂

  • Anonymous

    In a word: Security.
    The sensors and construction are flimsy, true. However, imagine that it was used in a bank vault, for instance, and they were constructed of a high-durability conducting alloy. If someone tries to run into them or force them apart, they’ll have a considerable voltage running through them, knocking the person cold.
    Better yet, if you were to attempt to shoot them, and the bullet being of a proper alloy, it would dent the slider, preventing it from moving back in, and thus fouling any possible attempts to make a quick run for it. And, with the right tools, you’d be able to quickly replace the dented piece.

    Other than that, it would probably be just for looks.

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