Feather Pen and Quill Set

Ahh this takes me back to my youth. Put on your wooden teeth and powdered wig and grab some parchment because it’s writing time with a Feather Pen and Quill Writing Set. Add instant credibility and panache to your correspondence. Each set comes with everything you need to communicate in today’s modern world: …

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Vampire Fountain


Pretty clever, dontcha think?

Get One Here: Hammacher Schlemmer

App Magnets


App Magnets are really cool square magnets that are very similar to the apps in your iDevice. You can build a pretend phone on your fridge. Or you can get really clever and use the app on the magnet to indicate what you are securing under it.

They look like your apps, but …

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Oragami Napkins


You know those fancy pants restaurants that always have their napkins all folded into an elaborate mess on the plate? AMATEURS!

Origami Napkins have four different designs, each with their own skill level. The instructions and folding lines are printed right on the napkin itself, so you won’t have to remember a thing. …

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Two Story Inflatable Black Cat


A really big black cat just in time for Halloween. Or Christmas. Or just to let your neighbors know that you mean business.

Get One Here: Hammacher Schlemmer

Bottle of Wine Glass


Why share? Fill this large wine glass with an entire bottle of wine.

The Bottle of Wine Glass is located somewhere on the “classy” continuum between “a passed out drunk clutching the last sips of his bottle of Nightrain” and drinking straight from the bottle. And that’s exactly where we like to be.

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Fang Nesting Dolls


What do you get when you mix cute little innocent Russian Nesting Dolls with sharp, wicked awesomeness? Fang Matryoshkas! They’re fierce, they’re bold and they certainly don’t give a crap about your grandma’s babushkas.

Get Them Here: Perpetual Kid

Cube Clock


Radical! The bodacious 80’s Cube Clock will surely bring back fond memories of DeLoreans, Gremlins, and Strawberry Shortcake. Styled after the mind-boggling Rubik’s Cube, this clock changes modes when you rotate the top. The Cube Clock features the following modes: clock, alarm, calendar (displays date as well as the day of the week), …

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Foot in the Door Doorstop


We all need a Foot in the Door. Just place the ever-so-dainty toe of this playful pump under the crack of your very own door and it will be held open in style.

Get One Here: Perpetual Kid

Pop Quiz Math Quiz


If you can read this clock you are without a doubt a geek! Math fans can show off their love for numbers and all things calculated! Or… If you just want people to think you are a genius hang this clock and act like it ain’t no big thing.

Get One Here: Perpetual …

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