Slicey the Pig Dashboard Wiggler

This pig is making it’s own bacon! Slicey the Pig sits on your dashboard via an adhesive base and then maniacally slices his own torso with a giant knife as you cruise on down the road. Crazy pig.

Hitch Critters

Forget that suction cup Garfield in your car window, there’s a new animal car accessory in town and it’s Hitch Critters. These animals hitch a ride on your vehicle’s trailer hitch, giving it personality to what is otherwise just a boring nub (that’s what she said). But these animals do more than just …

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Wee Tree Light Up LED Car Air Freshener

wee tree air freshener

“Spruce” up your car with a light up Wee Tree LED Car Air Freshener. It hangs from your rear view mirror like a normal air freshener tree but instead of giving off a questionably pleasant smell, this one twinkles like a Christmas tree. Technically it does have a smell- the fresh smell of …

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Easter Bunny Car Costume


Dress up your car for the Easter holiday. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Get One Here: Baron Bob

Emoticons For Your Car


This is definitely going in my car. Because my windows are shaded, the idiot that I just passed never gets to see me giving them the finger. This thing will tell them exactly how I feel about their driving.

It comes with 16 messages, including: * Help (for emergencies) * Sorry (when you …

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Anti-Theft Car/Bike Stickers


“These rust and scratch stickers are designed to make your beautiful bike/car look rusted and scratched so that passing thieves assume it’s not worth stealing due to its apparent shabbyness.”

Source: Dominic Wilcox

Shock Car Key


Give this special key to someone who wants to borrow your car and then just watch when he/she press the button of the car key, which will give him/her a harmless electric shock that will make him scream and jump! Very funny.

Source: Bom Bam …

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CarCapsule – Protective Bubble For Your Car


The CarCapsule is a clear vinyl bubble that seals your car or motorcycle away from the elements and keeps it looking fresh and new. Dust, dirt, moisture and insects are locked out, but a built-in fan circulates filtered air within the bubble to eliminate that musty, damp smell that can ruin your stored …

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Skull Helmet


“This bad ass looking helmet will scare the crap out of any onlooker while your enjoying you mid day cruise. Not only is it light weight, but it’s very comfortable inside, and has alot of breathing space.” Price: $149.99.

Source: Santiago Chopper

PimpStar Custom Wheels

The PimpStar is a huge leap forward in the evolution of the wheel. With the PimpStar’s built-in full color LED lights, microprocessor and wireless modem, you can display virtually any image, including text, graphics, logos, and even digital photos! Prices starting from: $11,950.00.