Exposed X-Ray Handbag – Tote Bag – Grocery Bag

No need to check the bag sir, you can see right through it! It’s chic, funny, affordable and has the ability to load tons of junk into it. It’s the Xposed Handbag See Through series. There’s a handbag, a tote, and a grocery bag (eco-friendly).

Each Xposed X-Ray bag has different items showing the bag’s intended use. Take the Xposed Grocery bag. It has all the makings of a nice meal: bread, dressing, grapes some aluminum cans. But there is also a gun. It’s like a modern day Where’s Waldo handbag. The tote bag has a bottle of Jack Daniels and some brass knuckles among other surprises. This should attract some attention at the bank or post office.

Source:  Baron Bob

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