Authentic James T. Kirk Captain’s Chair


Ok all you trekkies. Or is that trekkers? I have found the ultimate piece of furniture that is a must have for your living room or game room.

This is the meticulously detailed, full-scale replica of James Tiberius Kirk’s captain’s chair from the original Star Trek television series. The chair is constructed from the design conceived by Matt Jefferies, the set director and art designer from 1966 to 1969–only 1,701 are being produced.

A press of the former yellow alert button (located at the front of the right armrest) produces one of nine original sound samples from the series, including the entirety of the famous prologue: “Space… the final frontier…” spoken by William Shatner. Other samples include “Kirk to Engineering… Mr. Scott, report!,” “Position report Spock?” and more.

Read more about it here.

Get One Here: Hammacher Schlemmer

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