Authentic James T. Kirk Captain’s Chair


Ok all you trekkies. Or is that trekkers? I have found the ultimate piece of furniture that is a must have for your living room or game room.

This is the meticulously detailed, full-scale replica of James Tiberius Kirk’s captain’s chair from the original Star Trek television series. The chair is constructed from …

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NightCove – Ambient Lighting for Healthful Sleeping


Augment your energy with NightCove. NightCove is designed to render you better-quality sleep and to make you feel more refreshed in the morning. By using LED technology, it emits wavelengths, intensity and variations of light, which affect the brain’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. With programmable modes for …

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Pimped Out John – a Dream Toilet


Check your email, watch a movie, listen to your iPod, play your favorite video game – without leaving the bathroom. What’s best! North America’s largest provider of plumbing and drain-cleaning services is offering an online sweepstakes for its “Pimped Out John,” a bathroom throne for the gadget junkie. So all of this can …

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LCD TV / Mirror


This LCD TV made by Konka includes a camera to reflect whatever is in front of it when not in use as an actual TV. Finished with leopard spots with a gloss coat and alligator-skin imprinted texture. No words on pricing and availability.

Urinal Sculptures


Check out these awesome, hand-made urinals made by Clark Sorensen. These pieces are magnificent works of art but they are also fully functioning vitreous porcelain fixtures that can be plumbed and used in a bathroom. There are several models available on Clark’s website starting from $5000 USD.

Bling H20 – Water for Idiots?


Bling H20 comes in a recyclable frosted glass bottle, handcrafted with Swarovski crystals. You can’t but wonder how stupi… umf, succesful someone must be to drink water costing $40 per bottle.

Source: Bling H2o

Gold Ingot USB Hub


Bling your desk with this cool, gold bar looking USB hub. It has 8 USB ports and weights a whopping 2,4 kilograms.

DJ Ring


This is a must have for every wannabe DJ who wants to be taken seriously! White and black diamonds set in 18kt gold ring. Made by Jacob & Co. Can be yours for $12,900.

Source: InStyle

The World – First Residence


The World is an archipelago of artificial islands, shaped like the continents of the Earth, being constructed off the coast of Dubai. The World will consist of about 300 small private artificial islands divided into four categories, private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and community islands. The development will cover an area of 9 …

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Inflatable Iceberg


Do you sometimes feel that you already have every toy and gadget the world has to offer? Well I bet you don’t have this yet! This Inflatable Iceberg has three climbing walls with varying degrees of difficulty and the 4th side is of course a giant slide. Ultra durable construction and heavy duty …

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