Prank Powder Candy

From the site:
Each tube of Prank Powder Decepti-candy sounds harmless and lovely. But each label is deceiving.

* Sweet Pixie Pollen is yellow, but tastes like cherry. The “Sweet” lets you know it will be super sour.
* Refreshing Pegasus Powder is red, but tastes like lemonade. The “Refreshing” lets you know it will foam up in your victim’s mouth.
* Shining Fairy Dust is green, but tastes like blue raspberry. The “Shining” lets you know it will stain your victim’s mouth green.
* Ultimate Unicorn Sprinkles is blue, but tastes like green apple. It’s the atom bomb of this set – the “Ultimate”: it is super sour, foams up, and stains your victim’s mouth blue.

Get Them Here: Think Geek

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