NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle


the NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle is the longest NERF gun ever – at 3 feet long. When you walk the halls at work with this over your shoulder (or, heck, you can even use it as a walking stick), no one will back talk you. But does it shoot well? Well, let’s just …

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Personal Submarine


What can you say about this – the photo says it all. You know you want one. And to make things even better, they offer free shipping for orders over $99.

Get One Here: Hammacher Schlemmer

Zig Zag Knot Puzzle


The Zig Zag Knot Puzzle is elegant and cunning. It looks like it would be straightforward and easy to solve, but it’s anything but easy. Slide each piece in the correct 37-move sequence to take the Knot apart. Every move will untangle a bit of the knot, but there’s only one right answer!

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Cat in a Can


Stock your cupboard with our Cat-In-A-Can so you’ll always have ample inflatable felines to get you through the winter. Each kitty will provide you with a convenient companion that won’t leave hairballs on the carpet or use the armchair as a scratching post. No litter box to scoop or clean. No trips to …

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Wireless Chocolate Mouse


Resist the urge to nibble! Once chocoholics plug in our wireless USB Choco-Mouse, they’ll wonder how they’ve survived so long without it! A triumph of both style and function, each Choco- Mouse is molded for ultimate performance!

Eat Get One Here: Perpetual …

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Fang Nesting Dolls


What do you get when you mix cute little innocent Russian Nesting Dolls with sharp, wicked awesomeness? Fang Matryoshkas! They’re fierce, they’re bold and they certainly don’t give a crap about your grandma’s babushkas.

Get Them Here: Perpetual Kid

Foot in the Door Doorstop


We all need a Foot in the Door. Just place the ever-so-dainty toe of this playful pump under the crack of your very own door and it will be held open in style.

Get One Here: Perpetual Kid

Ice Cream Pint Sleeve


The next time you hunker down on the couch to do battle with a pint of ice cream, do it with the Ice Cream Pint Sleeve. The neoprene insulated sleeve will keep your favorite flavor colder for longer and keep your hands warm at the same time.

Get One Here: …

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Pop Quiz Math Quiz


If you can read this clock you are without a doubt a geek! Math fans can show off their love for numbers and all things calculated! Or… If you just want people to think you are a genius hang this clock and act like it ain’t no big thing.

Get One Here: Perpetual …

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5-in-1 Kitchen Timer


You can set up to five different timers with the DoneRight 5-in-1 Kitchen Multi-Timer. There are four timers on the “stovetop” and one on the front of the “oven”.

Get One Here: VAT19

Check out the vid:

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