Mega Mouth Puppet

You know who has a big mouth? You do, when you’ve got a Play Visions Mega Mouth on your arm. It’s a pretty accurate mouth shaped puppet and it’s huge. Mega huge. Great for getting all scientific or just goofing off. Even goofing off scientifically, which is also fun- in a very measured …

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Fang Nesting Dolls


What do you get when you mix cute little innocent Russian Nesting Dolls with sharp, wicked awesomeness? Fang Matryoshkas! They’re fierce, they’re bold and they certainly don’t give a crap about your grandma’s babushkas.

Get Them Here: Perpetual Kid

Vampire Pacifier


A little something for your little vampire. Until your baby’s pointy teeth grow in, consider this their training teeth.

Get One Here: Think Geek

Tooth Toothbrush Holder


“It seems quite apt placing your toothbrush in a tooth, so here it is the Tooth Toothbrush holder. A kitsch bathroom accessory that will stand out from all other toothbrush holders. Made from white ceramic this toothbrush holder looks the part and a far better option than putting your toothbrush in a mug …

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