Dress for Dinner Napkins

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up for dinner. And this set comes in an nice assortment of napkin ties. Perfect for dinner with your boss. Or your in-laws-to-be. Or the Ambassador of the European Union.

Get Them Here: Baron Bob

To Do Tattoo

Create your own to-do list and tattoo it wherever you want. Put “Buy Milk” on your forehead. Or “Present for Girlfriend” on your hand. Or “Don’t forget to wear shoes” on your toe.

Remember To Get Them Here: Cool Stuff Cheap

Prank Powder Candy

From the site: Each tube of Prank Powder Decepti-candy sounds harmless and lovely. But each label is deceiving.

* Sweet Pixie Pollen is yellow, but tastes like cherry. The “Sweet” lets you know it will be super sour. * Refreshing Pegasus Powder is red, but tastes like lemonade. The “Refreshing” lets you …

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Emoticons For Your Car

This is definitely going in my car. Because my windows are shaded, the idiot that I just passed never gets to see me giving them the finger. This thing will tell them exactly how I feel about their driving.

It comes with 16 messages, including: * Help (for emergencies) * Sorry (when you …

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Toothpaste Pete

What says clean teeth better than a dog’s mouth?

From the site: Toothpaste Pete is here to make brushing your teeth doggone fun! Toothpaste Heads are the newest way to encourage both kids and Perpetual Kids to brush their teeth regularly. No more bribes. No more threats!.. Simply replace your existing toothpaste cap …

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Hair Visor

Hair visor shows off your wild side! Turn heads everywhere you go with this fun and flashy lid that fuses fuzzy hair to a comfortable visor. Choose from four different color combos.

Taylor Gifts

Traveler’s Security Bandolier

Um. No.

From the site: This bandolier has four zippered pockets that hold valuables securely against your chest. The bandolier provides discreet storage for a camera, wallet, cell phone, hotel key, and more, and its proximity to your chest discourages theft.

Get One Here: Hammacher …

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Talking Tissue Box

Each time you reach for a tissue from the Ah-Choo Talking Tissue Box, it imitates your illness with one of six sneezing and coughing sounds. They say laughter is the best medicine so with the Sneezing Tissue Box you’ll be better than new in no time.

Get One Here: Baron …

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Ballmer's taughts about Apple iPhone

See how Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone

R/C Flying Superman

This Superman toy can really fly. There are small propellors on the cape which are remote controlled. The remote requires 8 AA batteries but is also used to charge Superman which takes only about 10 minutes. Get yours from Amazon.