Middle Finger Costume

Give all those lame costumes out there the finger with the Middle Finger Costume. Flip the bird without lifting a finger. Show everyone that you’re “number one”! Wear your true feelings on your sleeve, or head. I’ve got to “hand” it to this …

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The Shocker Costume

Two in the pink, one in the stink! It’s The Shocker Costume, guaranteed laughs and high fives from those who know what it is. For those who don’t, use your imagination a bit, pervs. Great for Halloween or just lounging around the …

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Hose Nose Goo Candy Dispenser


This is just gross. Unless the candy tastes good, in which case it’s grossly delicious. The Hose Nose goes over your nose and drips down gooey candy into your mouth. Nasty.

“Pick” one up at BaronBob

Vampire Fountain


Pretty clever, dontcha think?

Get One Here: Hammacher Schlemmer

Two Story Inflatable Black Cat


A really big black cat just in time for Halloween. Or Christmas. Or just to let your neighbors know that you mean business.

Get One Here: Hammacher Schlemmer

Magazine Cover Costume


I know it’s nowhere near Halloween, but I just found these and I just couldn’t wait 10 months to share it. Pretty clever idea and would look good at most parties and events throughout the year :o)

Magazine cover costume creates a fantasy photo-op at parties or other fun occasions. Make your face …

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